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Fall 2016


  • Providing a Legacy of Comfort and Hope
  • Giving at Year-End
  • Retirement Plan Assets Make Tax-Wise Gifts
  • Three Ways to Create a Legacy of Hope

Summer 2016


  • Summer Is Prime Time for Planning
  • Provide for Family and ICMC
  • Q&A About Estate Planning
  • Test Your Will I.Q.

Spring 2016


  • A Heartfelt Thank You
  • Does My Will or Trust Need Updating?
  • How Much Do You Know About Wills?
  • Take Charge of Your Future

Fall 2015


  • Making the Most of Your Gifts
  • Wise Giving for 2015
  • Giving to Help Those Who Need it Most
  • Leaving a Legacy to ICMC

Summer 2015


  • Taylor Plans to Meet Needs
  • The “4 Ps” of Effective Planning
  • The Planning Toolbox
  • Ready for a Quiz?

Spring 2015


  • Planning to Make a Difference
  • As Easy as One, Two, Three
  • When Does a Woman Need a Will?
  • Your Will—You Choose

Fall 2014


  • A Season for Giving
  • Giving Before December 31st
  • Five Reasons to Give Appreciated Property in 2014
  • Explore Other Giving Options

Spring 2014


  • Planning for Change
  • Accomplishing Multiple Objectives
  • Making an Impact with Your Estate Plan
  • How Do Your Plans Compare?


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